Data Drivers
Data Engineering and AI team

The team has taken part in 5 hackathons focused on data intensive solutions backed with artificial intelligence. Projects ranged from large scale copper blast furnace stabilizer to financial supervision data integration platform. Major themes included: ecology and energy efficiency, fair markets, refugee crisis management, fight against disinformation.

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Supervision Hack - 1st place

Solution included large scale webscraping solution, KIIDs PDF data processing and integration framework and novel computer vision algorithm for risk classification detection.

Key results

  • Large scale webscraping data sources integration
  • Unstructured data NLP processing
  • Novel computer vision approach to risk level KIID parsing
  • Adapted and used in production

Datathon - 1st place

Solution used open data from 3 major gov APIs to feed a refugee crisis management dashboard. Dashboard provided informative insights about social, economic and demographic considerations for geographically optimal refugee allocation. The hackathon took place 2 months after start of war in Ukraine when more than 3 million refugees entered Poland seeking shelter.

Key results

  • Trezor 3.0 API integration
  • GUS data sources integration
  • Crisis management dashboard

CUValley Hack, 1st edition - 1st place

Copper blast furnace emitted energy levels stabilization problem was solved with a predictive model paired with controller. The solution has been adjusted and is now used in production to orchestrate control parameter changes at $675M blast furnace. Less than 5 such installations exist around the globe.

Key results

  • Accurate prognostic model
  • AI-aided control system
  • Project industrial offset

Bit Festival Hackathon - 2nd place

The team designed a data integration platform for official and media coverage on Covid19. Paired with novel fake news detection algorithm, solution proofed to be a reliable central spot for pandemic-related information and announcements.

Key results

  • Cov-19 news sources integration
  • Fake news rating algorithm